Welcome to Skyline
Since 2013 we have been providing reliable Internet Services to many Corporate, SMEs and Domestic users. Being a Rajasthan based service provider (category 'B') and also a company with over 100 Professionals, SIPL is uniquely positioned to provide Spam free, Least Latency Internet Services. Uploading videos on Youtube, or sharing photos on Facebook must be a struggle. Your Broadband Service Provider never told that Upload Speed of your ADSL Connection is low (just told you the Download Speed of 2/4 Mbps). Go ahead, ask your service provider what upload speed it offers. And even ask, what the “A” in “ADSL” means. Better still, just do a speedtest on your connection to find out the stark truth. Skyline Broadband offers you “symmetric” speed. So, when we say 5 Mbps – it is 5 Mbps download speed and 5 Mbps upload speed. Just what you need for uploading videos and sharing photos! We have invested in Dual Gateway Routers along with dual firewalls to ensure no single point of failure at our main Office. Which provides highest uptime in the industry. Bet your internet needs are not just confined to a single PC/ Laptop any more. You probably have a few Wi-Fi capable Smartphones, and some tablets (iPad, Galaxy Tab, etc.) in your family.